Incobio Pellet

Pellet is a biofuel whose raw material is made up of waste such as sawdust or shavings. It consists of small cylindrical granules, between 6 and 10 mm in diameter, and from 3.15 to 40 mm in length. The low humidity and high compression ratio applied in its production make it a biomass with high calorific value.

Regular pellet geometry allows for more accurate dosing of the volume to be burned, avoiding waste, especially when used in automated systems.

In addition, its small form factor gives it excellent performance, optimal burn control, easy storage and logistical optimization.

Pellet Incobio is produced exclusively from forest residues with traceability from FSC forests.

Incobio Briquettes

Incobio briquette is produced by mechanical compaction of forest residues derived from the timber industry, such as sawdust and wood shavings. It has different diameters: they are usually between 85 mm and 95 mm and also different lengths, can have the shape of cookies, or small logs. In the manufacturing process no type of chemical component or binder is used.

The strong compaction and low humidity results in a product with high calorific value compared to competing products such as sawdust, chips, firewood, among others. In addition to the calorific power, the briquette demands less storage space - it is easily transported and the deposits are cleaner.

Incobio offers different types of packaging according to customer needs and can also develop customized packaging based on the following examples:

  • Bakery and Pizzerias: raffia bags;
  • Sale in supermarkets: cardboard boxes or plastic packaging;
  • Industries in general: big bags, bulk or raffia bags.

Wood Chips

Wood chips are produced by milling waste from sawmills (pine trees), pine and eucalyptus tips from thinning or forest management. Chip size is usually between 5mm and 45mm.

Incobio's chip production process consists of storing wood chips so that, over time, their moisture evaporates, providing the final product with higher quality and calorific performance.

Wood chips are used in medium and large industrial boilers. Its characteristic, in relation to grain size, gives it the possibility of boiler feed via automated system, reducing processes and presenting greater control in the combustion chambers burning operation.

Usually the chip is marketed in Kg and has its commercial value linked to the moisture content that it presents. It is important to point out that, except for exceptions, (as is the case of the system adopted by Incobio) the chip is produced and marketed “in natura” ie with moisture content close to 55%.


BioGato is a safe, non-toxic, ecologically correct and biodegradable product, combined with practicality in the care of pets, providing hygiene and well being. It is a hygienic wood granulate compound produced with modern German machinery, which makes it possible to control the hardness of the granulate, resulting in a better absorption efficiency (245%). It is especially suitable for cats, but can also be used for hamsters, rabbits and other small animals.


  • Eliminates odors;
  • Do not dirty your paws;
  • 100% biodegradable;
  • It yields much more;
  • Greater acceptance of animals;
  • No chemical additives;
  • Controlled mechanical hardness rate;
  • Shelf life: Undetermined.

Advantages and Applications of
Incobio Pellets and Briquettes

Incobio products are very versatile and can be used in various segments, both in the industrial and domestic sectors. See what
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